Portrait – Anabell – The Seine River, Paris (France)

J. Leal – Paris Wedding Photographer

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During the last months (February and Mars), most of the days it was cloudy here in Paris. But when I woke up and saw the sun shining I knew I had to make a photo session. Anabell and I were waiting for a day like that for doing her session so we decided to meet at the evening. That evening there was no cloud in the sky, just light everywhere I wanted it to be present in most of the photos I took that day.

As usual we started some hours before the twilight and we decided to meet at the Concorde square, just where the Tuileries Gardens end. From there, we began to take photos at the same time we were walking towards the Seine river. In particular, towards the Concorde Bridge, from where we had a perfect view of the twilight. If you continue walking all along the Seine you will find a second bridge, the Alexander the 3rd Bridge. This bridge is even better, not just for the design but for the views, you can clearly see the Eiffel Tower from there. It’s one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris and we can say his visit is almost “mandatory”.

At this point the sun was completely down but some light still remained so we decided to try to take some pictures over this second bridge. After this text, I’ll show you some portraits taken right there and a picture of the front of this bridge, which was taken from the dock.

Once the sunlight was almost gone, we took some pictures under the bridge before finishing the photo session. I loved the light coming out this place. It had been long time I didn’t walk by and I’ve almost forgotten it.

We tried our luck taking some pictures in front of the tunnel, at the entrance, but later we went into. Just as a matter of interest, just right there you will find the entrance to the wellknown Showcase nightclub. Actually, one of my favorite pictures is that one where Anabelle is looking at the Eiffel Tower. Just at the end we decided to use only the “natural lights” (coming from the street lamps), to create this image of Anabelle sitting at the dock next to the boats. If you wish to take a look, not just the selection but the full photo shot, do click on the video at the end of the page!