Couple Session (2nd Part) – Enrique & Nazareth

Huelva (Spain)

J. Leal – Paris Wedding Photographer

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That was the second couple session we made for Christmas (2014) in Huelva (Spain). I have to recognize I insisted in doing this second photography session because of the weather we had in the first session day. And there was a pity not to catch the sun in any of the pictures. So enjoying the good weather, and thanks of the experience that Nazareth and Enrique acquired in the first session, we could do all the photographic rapport in just one hour and a half, while the sun was going down. We used almost the same scenarios that I previously used in the Rocio’s photo shoot, because I knew we couldn’t find any better light in the twilight. As I mentioned before, the twilights seen in Huelva (Spain) are unbelievable. Our destination was the Juan Carlos I beach, but we also used the marshlands we found

before arriving the beach. So I asked them to park in one side of the road, get out of the car and take some pictures with the nature. You can see the result in the first photo of this page, and in another photos you will find after this text. This time, they were all relaxed and it was so easy! As soon as the sun was going down, we were approaching the beach, waiting for catching the last beams in the twilight. Even when the sun was completely hidden, we continued taking pictures with the moon at the background, and enjoying with the reddish tones in the sky. I loved this session, I think it completes perfectly the first one we did. This is exactly the kind of photography I’m always looking for. Best wishes to Nazareth and Enrique.