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Couple Session – Cinta & Daniel – Disneyland (France)

J. Leal – Paris Wedding Photographer

J. Leal Photographe de Mariage Paris / Paris Wedding Photographer/Fotógrafo de Boda Paris

I guess you would have not been capable of finding out where this photography session with Daniel and Cinta was made in a first sight (without reading the title, obviously) Yes, this photo shoot was made at the surrounding areas of Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallée (France). Because this session was made during the autumn season, I was looking for pictures with a particular color-scheme, remembering the classic autumn tones, but trying not to show the Disneyland decoration too much. What is good about making a photo shoot in the surroundings of the park is that there is a large variety of scenarios where you can be inspired, without entering into the theme park area. At the beginning I was considering the possibility of using the Disney Village, plenty of lights and colours because of all the stores and restaurants, for shooting this session. But at the same time I was passing by the Disney’s Village doors, the sun was completely gone. So I must to change the change my initial plan.

Anyway, Disneyland gives you so many possibilities and, this time, we decided to use the areas next to the Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Hotel and the Disney’s Hotel New York. We were walking for almost 4 hours looking for the light that allows us to create the scenes we wanted. Fortunately, Cinta and Daniel already had experience posing, so everything was really easy! If I have to chose which of those photos are my favourites (although it’s a very difficult decision) I will say I chose the ones taken near to the Disney’s Sequoia Lodge (for example the first one in this page) The trees, the fallen leaves’ colour, the small lake next to us… all those thing contributed to get the perfect picture. Another very beautiful photos were those taken in front of the Disney’s Hotel New York, with the illuminated Christmas Tree and the around trees all full of lights. I invite you to enjoy of the rest of photos but not without suggesting you to find the “hidden Mickey” in one of them!

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