Couple Session – Cris & Chris – Luxembourg Gardens (France)

J. Leal – Paris Wedding Photographer

J. Leal Photographe de Mariage Paris / Paris Wedding Photographer/Fotógrafo de Boda Paris

This is one of my favorite couple sessions. The pictures of this couple are incredible, even more taking in count that the sun was visible just for 20 min so the result is excellent! This photography session was made at the Luxembourg Gardens (Paris). Because of the garden was closing soon (and we didn’t know it) we must hurry up and we couldn’t continue taking pictures when the people in charge of the park asked us to leave. But I have to thanks to Cristina and Christopher how easy was to do this photo shoot.

The understanding between them was palpable from the first moment. And even if I gave them some little instructions, the majority of the photos were taken in a completely spontaneous way. As I said it’s one of my favorite sessions, not just because of the beautiful photos, but also because of the message they are transmitting. In a first sight you can see all the emotions, and specially the love this couple feel. It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to capture those moments!