Portrait – Yamile – Vincennes Forest & Paris (France)

J. Leal Paris Wedding Photographer

Here we have one of my first individual photography sessions. Those portraits were made in Paris, at different locations. At the beginning, the idea was to look for images were nature was completely integrated on them. We were considering several parks as the Luxembourg Gardens, the Tuileries Gardens or the “Jardin de Plantes”. At the end, we decided to give the Vincennes Forest a chance because a place full of vegetation was searched for getting this autumn look. Unfortunately, the weather was not so

good. Even tough the pictures taken were really good! That’s the prove that not a spectacular light source or awesome twilights are required to get good pictures.

The last pictures were made two moths later, in the evening into the Christmas Market placed at the Elysium Fields. If you have never visited it I would totally recommend you to do it at least one time in your life!